Saturday, August 8, 2009

How to preorder "Quills of Fire" by M. Campiz and L. Vanelslander

Payment can be made on:

Accountnumber: BE44 5794 2754 1245
International code ARSPBE22

By paypal: Lena Vanelslander, emailaddress:

With both: mention your home address (so I can send the book when the time comes) and which option you prefer of the possibilities.

"Quills of Fire" by Marilyn Campiz and Lena Vanelslander can be pre-ordered from now. For people from Belgium or a neighbouring country: 15 euros basic price, 17,5 euro autographed by one author, 20 euro for autographs from us both. People from other countries (my apologies the difference is due to shipping costs) 15 euros basic, 20 euro autographed by one author, 25 euros autographed by both authors. The shipping costs ... America - Belgium - South-Korea the triangle is not selfevident ... The price include shipping costs! But this advantage will only be a prerogative during the period of preordering!

A book of poetry sprung from the minds of two women with their own particular view on the world and themes as love, darkness, art, ... Different angles, perspectives and views ... East meeting West ... let them penetrate and resonate through your body.

I also have the honour to announce our publisher is PublishAmerica ... as I didn't mention this before.

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