Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10K Poets challenge - human trafficking

I was up late one night
not an exception
but my weary boots wanted to rove
rove into the night
to taste it's sweet delight

Dancing around in the undertown
neonlights started burning
curiosity kills the cat
or the cat kills curiosity
but I passed a boot and looked inside
A washed away face, of a washed away life
I looked her straight into the eyes

Faded inner beauty
was all I saw,
a hurt soul, a hurt mind
scarred beyond life
no hope to be read
in those blackened eyes.
As if a candle losing it's oxygen
Gasping for breath, gasping for a shine of hope
Gasping slowly choking ...

Ashamed of introspecting such a devastated landscape
I looked at the ground
And all I could think of
was what she had on her mind

And for once I was ashamed
ashamed I was
because -
despite all my scars -
I knew I had it better
fighting to keep my candle alight
where all I could see there
was gasp, gasp, gasp ...

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