Thursday, November 18, 2010

You don't see the bruises ... you can't foresee the pain. It's intense, so deep and yet so volatile, in vain.

He slapped my head once more while he uttered for the millionth time the same old words again: "You're a loser and you'll never win. I hate for you to be my shadow as you put nothing upon me but shame".

There was only one thing he forgot: life and loyalty aren't about winning, losing, shadows or shame. It's beyond all of that human stuff, details that are nothing but obstacles ... to reach a higher goal, a common ground. A lot to leave behind: I betrayed.

The Lord has spoken

Come to the Lord
and say a prayer!

Whatever your Lord is,
Believe without condition
No matter what his churches say
No matter what they do
Believe everything they say
or else you're a heretic too.

Why not leave it all behind
And choose the path of the unknown
Where you can choose your way of life
And die in your own sweet sigh.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


There's a surprise for you!

Why did she think I would have been pregnant? I hadn't seen her for ages, neither people she knew, so it wasn't my weight ...

She opened the door, a sigh of relief on her face, thank God she thought ... She isn't.

The surprise was we came to visit, the thought of a newborn all hers.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Where hearts have no conquerors ...

Let's just rest and let the wind blow through our hair, while the mountains quake and the trees shake their leaves. Towards another destiny, a new world ... where greed is only a word without significance, hunger doesn't belong in a dictionary and money is only an archeological object.

Let's just talk and let our words be woven into a veil of tears. Where our hearts can have no conquerors, where we only seek to comprehend. Let's gain understanding, move into a different habit, symbolising what could have been.

Here, upon my deadbed, I call upon thee ... you the young and the weak. The deficient and mongrols of society, resist! The burden is upon you, my abnormal friends, to revolt, against this: the one that never questioned itself, the only so freaking selfsure and the true dominance of the individual.

There is a time to lay down and tolerate, there is a time to indulge and seek compromise but now ... now there is only a time to exterminate.


I thought I was the eternal loner,
roaming around the world,
around the boundaries of existence.

My life was a mess
upside down and turned around
nothing was for the best.

Until I met him
a loner just like me
roaming his way through life,
roaming his way through me.

Was it luck, was it fate?
Destiny one would almost say.
All revolved around harmony,
all revolved around one,
the one and only