Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I call it from the hells down low
from the crypts, from the elders
from the white raven and the crow
I call it nature
I call it prayer
I don't call it God,
I don't believe in One
Let's settle for that,
just for a while
cause when all is said and done
nature always seems to be right.
After all we've been through,
there must be a way out
a way to love unconditionaly
a way to live,
a way to be proud.
After all that's said and done
let's find our next junction
where we can meet
without burning bridges
without feeling numb
let me be the fire that consumes your wood
and doesn't destroy
for all we've been through.
There is always a way out,
just seldom the one you prefer
seldom the one of your heart
seldom the one of your coeur

Follow the track
and let nature have it's way
listen to your heart
and let it be that way ...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blooded rags and rags of bones

Blooded rags and rags of bones,
one day you live,
one day you're gone ...

Give me the drugs,
give me the love,
till it's too much
till it's all the same
till nothing's left and all is gone
of this deserted palace ...
the palace of disarray.

Dance on my grave
When all the possibilities are gone
they all call your name
when the damage is done.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pondering into the great grey sky
forgetting everything,
even forgot to say goodbye.

Pondering into the great grey sky
no limits
you don't even have to wonder why

Just sail that ocean of clouds
Just become weightless as air carries you around
Just be what you want to be

Sunday, November 1, 2009

It all matters little
in the light of eternity
I'm not fond of eternity though
neither fond of all.

But you?
I like you
One of the few
who can make me laugh ...
Inspiration comes and goes
Memory doesn't stick around
I could offer you wonderfull words
if I were only behind my computer
when the words enter my mind.
In the dark
all you see are shadows
in the dark
all you feel is pain
that enduring suffering
that hits you in the face
over and over again.

I takes a lot of courage, willpower and luck
to get out of that dead end street alley
to be immersed in light
and feel the warm rays of the sun
Just don't forget:
it takes courage, willpower and luck
Just another boring day without you, babe ...