Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Some days I feel like my shadow is casting me"

For those who would be looking for me

I'm not there anymore

In case you are doubting:

I found something better

Or better yet someone better.

Not to judge the past

Not to judge a person

I loved what I had

at the time when I had it

But I wasn't happy.

Now you can say what you want

I'm just not there anymore.

Somebody who loves me

for who I am

is rare these days.

And I know how to value it,

Which can't be said of all.

This doesn't mean I don't feel affection

to those near to me

but love replaced sentiments

of misguided and more importantly

unbalanced relationships.

I love you all,

but there is only one that deserves to be loved fully back.

p.s. for those who like me writing dark, I know, but you never can help the inspiration of the moment.

Alone in your head

You were there when the sun shined in our faces

when the day laught us ahead

Until the dark clouds started gathering

pretending evil days weren't coming instead

But where were you when the sky started crying

when the drops of rain rolled down our faces?

You wanted a utopian world

where everything always was going to be alright.

Reality was different

and you broke like a twig.

I was there for you

While a 'you are not alone in this'

or an 'everything passes' would have done some trick.

But as they say ... if all else fails you can still whip the horse's eye ... until the horse breaks free.