Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Some days I feel like my shadow is casting me"

For those who would be looking for me

I'm not there anymore

In case you are doubting:

I found something better

Or better yet someone better.

Not to judge the past

Not to judge a person

I loved what I had

at the time when I had it

But I wasn't happy.

Now you can say what you want

I'm just not there anymore.

Somebody who loves me

for who I am

is rare these days.

And I know how to value it,

Which can't be said of all.

This doesn't mean I don't feel affection

to those near to me

but love replaced sentiments

of misguided and more importantly

unbalanced relationships.

I love you all,

but there is only one that deserves to be loved fully back.

p.s. for those who like me writing dark, I know, but you never can help the inspiration of the moment.