Friday, September 17, 2010

Work kills creativity

Work kills creativity
and nothing more

After two years sabbatical
the return is hard
hard like a brick
reality in your face like a brick.

But we all need money to get by ...
And that's how it works,
so for now let's swim.


  1. Truth. Thankfully I have had alot of time. Yet, I am not a professional poet. "If there is one"

  2. It is a month now that I've been back in the workplace, after ten years being away from it. This poem really sinks in. (I just keep hoping there will be enough floating logs to hang onto when I get tired!)

  3. in light of recent developments, there are XXX_NoAccidents_XXX. I fought for you I search in the dark, perhaps i've refound you. X

    if you know who this IS.

  4. perhaps...or just dance while you work...and for the dancers I hope it isn't just for the money

    Well is posted and add it to your credits...and smile...I have not seen a post in so long so I hope you can and do breathe.